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The National Drug Strategy Network is working for effective approaches to address the world's many drug problems by sharing accurate information about drug control strategies. NDSN is made up of individuals and organizations around the world, and is supported by the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, a privately funded, non-profit educational charity working on innovative solutions to problems facing the criminal justice system.

NDSN does not take any official positions on policy matters, and does not lobby or testify before Congress. NDSN welcomes all concerned about the problems of drugs: critics of the war on drugs as well as public officials, law enforcement officials, researchers, scholars, drug treatment professionals, judges, prosecutors, etc.

We are concerned about all aspects of the drug problem -- illegal and legal drugs of all kinds; international, U.S., state and local developments; law enforcement; drug treatment; developments in the courts; conditions in the prisons; HIV and AIDS; medical marijuana; acupuncture -- the entire spectrum of issues related to drug policy.

The Criminal 
Justice Policy Foundation oversees the NDSN

News About Drugs
NewsBriefs -- The online and hard copy newsletter of the National Drug Strategy Network
Drug News Digest

Drug Treatment Help
Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
Narcotics Anonymous

Drug Prevention Methods
Center for Substance Abuse Prevention

Drugs & Crime Data
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Drug Policy Research Center
Library of Congress

European Cities on Drug Policy
United Nations International Drug Control Programme

Drug Law Enforcement

Drug Policy Reform
Drug Policy Alliance
Marijuana Policy Project

U.S. Government
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Office of National Drug Control Policy

Civil Liberties & Drugs
Forfeiture Endangers American Rights (F.E.A.R.)

Sentencing Issues
Families Against Mandatory Minimums
The November Coalition
U.S. Sentencing Commission

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