Election '98



Medical Marijuana and Drug Reform Measures
Approved Overwhelmingly on Election Day
ALASKA: Medical Marijuana Approved by 58% ARIZONA: Provisions of 1996's Proposition 200 Restored; Voters Approve Measure Curbing Legislative Dismantling of Future Initiatives COLORADO: Medical Marijuana Ruled Off The Ballot, But Voters Approve It By 57% DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Congress Subverts Medical Marijuana Vote;Exit Poll Shows D.C. Voters Overwhelming Approve Measure

NEVADA: Voters Approve Medical Marijuana by 59%; Measure Must Be Approved Again in 2000

OREGON: Medical Marijuana Approved by 55%; Marijuana Recriminalization Rejected by Two-Thirds of Voters WASHINGTON STATE: Voters Approve Revamped Medical Marijuana Measure CALIFORNIA MINNESOTA NEW YORK NORTH CAROLINA WISCONSIN