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Vice President Gore Envisions Defeat of Colombian Cartels


October 1995

Speaking to Western hemisphere leaders, Vice President Al Gore said cooperation among the nations and strong leadership from Colombia will lead to the downfall of drug cartels (Charles Aldinger, "Gore Vows Defeat of Drug Cartels," Washington Post, July 26, 1995, p. A6).

"Our message is clear," Gore said. "Our hemisphere is ready to stand up to the cartels. Drug trafficking shall not prevail. They will be defeated."

Gore praised Colombia's leaders for taking a stand against the cartels. "We can applaud the work of those like President [Ernesto] Samper and Defense Minister [Fernando] Botero of Colombia, who are standing up to traffickers, often at tremendous personal risk, demonstrating personal courage," he said. [Wouldn't you bet that the Vice President would love to retract those words? -- EES]

Representatives from the U.S., Canada, and 32 nations met at a conference in Williamsburg, Virginia to discuss security matters and civilian leadership.