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Dennis Peron's Trial Moved to San Francisco


November-December 1997

An Alameda County (CA) Superior Court judge transferred the marijuana distribution prosecution against Dennis Peron for activities at the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club, from Oakland (Alameda County) to San Francisco (Glen Martin, "Judge moves pot case from Oakland to S.F.," San Francisco Chronicle," October 17, 1997, p. A19).

Judge Dean Beaupre said that his decision to move the trial was based on "an appearance of improper forum-shopping" by state Attorney General Dan Lungren's office. According to some observers, Lungren decided to prosecute Peron in Oakland, rather than San Francisco, because he feared San Francisco jurors would be more sympathetic toward Peron.

Peron's Cannabis Buyers Club (CBC) was raided on August 4, 1996, after a two-year investigation. The California Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement alleged that the CBC sold marijuana to minors, sold excessive amounts to patients, and sold to those with no medical need. Peron was arrested two months later and charged with criminal conspiracy and with possession, transportation and sale of marijuana (see "State agents raid cannabis buyers' club in San Francisco," NewsBriefs, September 1996; "S.F. Cannabis Buyers' Club founder arrested," NewsBriefs, November 1996). The Buyers Club has reorganized as the San Francisco Cannabis Cultivators Club and was reopened under court order (see "Medical marijuana club in San Francisco reopens under protection of Proposition 215," NewsBriefs, February 1997).

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