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Canadian Ambassador to Mexico Quits After Drug Corruption Remarks


November-December 1997

Marc Perron, Canada's ambassador to Mexico, has quit after saying that he compromised his effectiveness by publicly ridiculing Mexico's anti-drug efforts (Associated Press, "Canada's ambassador to Mexico quits after remarks," October 7, 1997).

Perron was quoted in the Mexican magazine Melenio as saying that he has never seen the level of corruption that exists in Mexico and that the Mexican government's war on drugs is a sham. Along with that, he also said that the United States stance on Mexico's drug problem is politically motivated, "I think the pressure on Mexico from the United States is just a game that the American government uses for political ends."

Canadian Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy said that he has consulted with Mexican Foreign Minister Jose Angel Gurria, and both have agreed that Perron should leave his position. On his request, he will be reassigned.