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New York Times Magazine Describes Marijuana Gardening


March 1995

A recent article in the New York Times Magazine describes the process, business, and culture of marijuana-growing from the standpoint of a professional gardener (Michael Pollan, "How Pot Has Grown," New York Times Magazine, Feb. 19, 1995, p. 30-35ff).

The article begins with a description of the most recent Canabis Cup convention in Amsterdam, and covers topics such as the varieties of cannabis, the most popular growing methods, and how new technology will change how marijuana is grown.

A good part of the article focuses on Brian R., a Washington, DC native who became involved in growing marijuana in the U.S. and eventually moved to the Netherlands because he became too worried about being arrested.

Pollan's article is amusing and entertaining, perhaps because of the author writes from his position as a professional gardener who has an admiration for the talents of the marijuana farmers he meets.