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Dead Serious, Inc. Founder Talks About Drugs


March 1995

A Fort Worth, Texas couple gained national attention recently for their radical solution to the problem of crime -- they started an organization that will provide $5,000 to all members who kill a criminal in self defense (see Sam Howe Verhovek, "Group is 'Dead Serious' About Killing Thugs," New York Times, Feb. 11, 1995, p. 7; Mark Potok, "A Deadly Serious Call to Arms," USA Today, Feb. 17, 1995, p. 3A).

Dead Serious, Inc. was founded less than a year ago by Darrell and Vicki Frank on the premise that the nation's current penalties do not deter crime. Members pay $10 per year in dues, cannot be members of law enforcement, and cannot be convicted felons (Founder Darrell Frank is not and cannot be a member as he has served time in Texas and Minnesota on burglary and assault charges and therefore is ineligible to receive the $5000 membership benefit). With the tremendous media attention about the organization earlier this year, Dead Serious membership grew from 800 to approximately 2400 people.

NewsBriefs spoke with Mr. Frank on Mar. 9 about his organization and about his stance on the connection between crime and drugs. Dead Serious, Inc. supports the killing of criminals in self-defense only where allowed by law, he said. The organization does not support vigilantism. Frank said that he has denied membership to prospective members who appear only to want the reward, who appear to be anti-law enforcement, or who make overtly racist statements.

When asked about Dead Serious' stance on drug dealing and trafficking, Frank said the organization believes "all criminals are tied in together." He said that drug use does not cause crime, but drug use is often used as an excuse for people to act in anti-social ways and to fail to take responsibility for their actions. Frank said that the drug problem has been caused by a general lack of moral standards in the United States today.

[For more information about Dead Serious, Inc. contact Darrell Frank at P.O. Box 121605, Ft. Worth, TX 76121-1605, 817-560-3641.]