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Drug Warriors Bennett and Walters Attack Clinton for Inaction on Drug Problem


March 1995

In a series of four articles for the Washington Times, former White House Director of Drug Policy William Bennett and former Deputy Director of Drug Policy John Walters assail the Clinton Administration for not continuing the war against drugs (William J. Bennett and John P. Walters, "Suddenly Losing the War Against Drugs," Washington Times, Feb. 7, 1995, p. A19; "A Record Failure in Drug Treatment," Feb. 8, 1995, p. A19; "Why Aren't We Attacking the Supply of Drugs?" Feb. 9, 1995, p. A19; "Renewing the War on Drugs," Feb. 10, 1995, p. A23).

Bennett and Walters write that Clinton has failed to maintain the war on drugs, resulting in the loss of ground gained against drug use in the Reagan and Bush years. Clinton is doing nothing to combat drug abuse, they write, except to advocate increased drug treatment, a tactic that failed because resources were not allocated properly and treatment as an avenue to stop drugs is bound to fail.

The authors address a host of issues, from the "myths" that drug use is caused by lack of self-esteem and that treatment can prevent future drug use, the lack of leadership from the Clinton administration and the resulting increase in drug use, especially among teenagers, and the argument that the war on drugs is a serious drain on the nation's economy.

In the last article they advocate eight ways that the Clinton Administration can step up the war on drugs: