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Medical Marijuana Initiative on Ballot in San Marcos, Texas


March-April 1997

On February 12, the San Marcos, Texas city council gave final approval for a medical marijuana measure to be placed on the May 3 ballot. The proposal asks, but does not order, city police not to enforce anti-marijuana law against anyone using the drug as a treatment for diseases such as glaucoma, AIDS, seizure disorders and cancer. The initiative drive that put the measure on the ballot was lead by Harvey Ginsberg (Tel: (512) 392-9927, E-mail:, a Southwest Texas State University psychology professor who suffers from glaucoma. Ginsberg told NewsBriefs that the initiative campaign gathered more than the 1,550 qualified voter's signatures needed to obtain a referendum ("Marijuana initiative," Houston Chronicle, February 6, 1997, p. 28A; "Marijuana bill on ballot," Houston Chronicle, February 14, 1997, p. 34A).