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DAWN Heroin-Related Hospital Emergencies Continue Sharp Rise in Third Quarter


June 1993

Heroin-related hospital emergency room admissions in the third quarter of 1992 rose 16 percent, the third consecutive quarterly increase of more than 15 percent, according to federal Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) statistics (Buraff Publications, "DAWN: Heroin-Related Emergencies Continued Sharp Rise In Third Quarter," National Report On Substance Abuse, 5/21/93, p. 6).

Preliminary DAWN statistics showed there were 13,387 heroin-related hospital emergencies during the third quarter of 1992, compared to 11,582 for the second quarter of 1992. During the third quarter of 1991, there were, by comparison, 10,338 such emergencies. For information on DAWN contact: Janet Greenblatt, SAMSHA Office Of Applied Studies, Rockwall II, Suite 615, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, Md. 20857. The number is (301) 443-7980.