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Canadian Legislator Backs Pot Legalization as Others Admit Use


June 1993

Canadian New Democrat MP Jim Fulton introduced a bill in the House of Commons last April to legalize marijuana (Jan Lounder, "Pot Legalization Pressed: MP Wants Ottawa To Hand Out Seeds," Calgary Herald, 4/22/93, No page).

Fulton would like the Canadian government to hand out seeds, which he said would halt the illegal marijuana trade and put pot traffickers out of work. Fulton's bill followed admissions by Tory MPs Kim Campbell and Jean Charest that they once smoked pot. Both are viewed as possible successors to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. The bill is unlikely to make it to the floor of the House of Commons for debate, according to reporter Jan Lounder.

Alberta Premier Ralph Klein also admitted to trying pot after Campbell and Charest came out of the closet (Tim Seefeldt and Glenn Kubish, "Klein Took Shot At Pot," Calgary Sun, 4/22/93, No page).