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Clinton Offers Proposals to Cut Drug Use in Prisons


January 1998

On January 12, President Clinton announced a directive to the Attorney General aimed at reducing illegal drug use in prison (Press Release, "Zero Tolerance for Drug Use and Drug Availability for Offenders," The White House, Office of the Press Secretary, January 12, 1998; Christopher Wren, "Clinton to Require State Efforts to Cut Drug Use in Prisons," New York Times, January 12, 1998, p. A1; Elizabeth Shogren, "Clinton to Order States to Fight Prison Drug Use," Los Angeles Times (Washington Edition), January 12, 1998, p. A5; Elizabeth Shogren, "President to order states to assess prison drug use, chart battle plan," Houston Chronicle, January 12, 1998, p. 5A; Peter Baker, "President Announces Directive, Proposals To Deal With Drug Use by Prison Inmates," Washington Post, January 13, 1998, p. A5).

According to the memorandum addressed to Attorney General Janet Reno, "With more than half the offenders in our criminal justice system estimated to have a substance-abuse problem, enforcing coerced abstinence within the criminal justice system is critical to breaking the cycle of crime and drugs." Clinton's directives to Reno include:

For a copy of the memorandum to the Attorney General, call the White House Fax Request Line at (202) 395-9088 (document #013698) or call the White House Publications Office at (202) 395-7332.