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Drunken Driver, After 18th Conviction, Ordered To Move Within "Easy Walking Distance" of Liquor Store


January 1998

In Ohio, Hillsboro Municipal Judge James Hapner ordered chronic drunken driver Dennis Cayse to move within "easy walking distance" of a liquor store or face jail time. Hapner defined "easy walking distance" as one-half mile or less. The sentence, which includes spending the first week of each of the next five years in jail, was for Cayse's 18th conviction for drunken driving. Hapner also ordered Cayse, who lost his license years ago, to be handcuffed to the passenger-side door or be seated with someone between him and the driver any time he travels in a car (Reuters, "Drunken driver ordered to move near liquor store," Washington Times, January 3, 1997, p. A3; "Drunken Driving Sentence," Washington Post, January 3, 1997, p. A2).

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