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Lindesmith Director Nadelmann Writes "Drug Prohibition" Entry for Collier's Encyclopedia


December 1995

Dr. Ethan Nadelmann, director of The Lindesmith Center, has written the Collier's Encyclopedia entry for "drug prohibition" ("Drugs, Prohibition of," Collier's Encyclopedia, Volume 8, 1995, p. 395).

The three-page article traces the history of the regulation of psychoactive substances from the banning of coffee in the 16th century through current-day policies. The entry discusses the arguments for and the problems with prohibition policies, and explains harm reduction as an alternative to current policies.

[For a copy of Dr. Nadelmann's encyclopedia entry, contact The Lindesmith Center at 888 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2700, New York, New York, 10106, 212-887-0695, or contact the National Drug Strategy Network office.]