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Clinton Calls For White House Meeting on Youth Drug Use


December 1995

Speaking to the national leadership forum of Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA), President Clinton called for a meeting at the White House in January on the problems of juvenile violence and drug use.

Citing the work of the Partnership for a Drug Free America, Clinton said one of the major themes of the conference will be enlisting the help of the media to send positive, anti-drug messages to children.

"Every day ... the children of this country are bombarded with messages that tell them it's cool, sexy, attractive to drink and smoke and do drugs," he said. "But conversely, let's not forget, that the media can also play a very positive role in influencing the attitudes of our young people about the harmfulness and the unacceptability of using drugs."

[To order a copy of this speech, call the White House Publications Fax Line at 202-395-9088 and request publication number 1108. You can also call the National Drug Strategy Network office for a copy.]