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New Hemp Shoe Endorsed by Actor Harrelson


August 1997

Woody Harrelson, actor and environmental activist, plans to endorse a Deep E Co. (pronounced "Deep Eco") hiking shoe made of an all-hemp canvas upper and other environmentally friendly materials such as recycled tire rubber and water-based adhesives. Regarding the United States' policy of banning the cultivation of hemp, Deep E Co. executive vice-president Bob Farentinos said, "We're sort of behind the times here in lumping hemp with other forms of cannabis sativa." Although hemp cultivation is illegal in the U.S. it can be imported (Martin Wolk, "Hemp shoe wins backing from actor Woody Harrelson," Reuters News Service, August 13, 1997; Arnold Braeske, "If the hemp-constructed shoe fits, activist Harrelson will surely wear it," Star-Ledger, August 13, 1997, p. 3).

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