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"Hip" ONDCP's Pulse Check Defines Drug Slang


August 1997

The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) publishes Pulse Check, a short update of trends in drug abuse. The latest issue reports the government's definitions of current drug slang (Office of National Drug Control Policy, Pulse Check: National Trends in Drug Abuse, Summer 1997; Center for Substance Abuse Research, "Summer 1997 National Pulse Check Report: An Encyclopedia of Drug Slang," July 21, 1997, Vol. 6, Issue 28).

Cafeteria Use The use of several drugs, typically hallucinogenic and sedative/hypnotic "club drugs."
Club Drugs Drugs popular with youth who are part of a club scene and want to take the drugs to gain increased stamina for late night dancing and partying. Generally includes marijuana, MDMA, LSD, and Ketamine. In the West and the South may also include methamphetamine and prescription drugs.
Double Breasting Selling both cocaine and heroin. Traditionally, cocaine and heroin had distinct markets.
Slab A large piece of crack about the size of a stick of chewing gum that is sometimes scored to form smaller pieces (Bridgeport and New York).
Lace Marijuana and cocaine cigarette (Miami).
Primo Marijuana and crack cigarette (San Diego and Texas).
Ozone Marijuana, PCP and crack cigarette (Chicago).
Bathtub Crank Poor quality methamphetamine made by individual entrepreneurs in the local market.

To Obtain a free copy of Pulse Check, contact the ONDCP Drugs and Crime Clearinghouse at (800) 666-3332. For more information, contact Dr. Dana Hunt of Abt Associates at (617) 492-7100.